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vegan wallets made of teak leaves - vegan leather - LEAF FAMILY
Vegan wallets made of teak leaves
vevegan toiletry bags and cosmetic bags made of teak leaves by LEAF FAMILYgan wallets made of teak leaves - vegan leather - LEAF FAMILY
Vegan toiletry bags and cosmetic bags
vegan handbag or handle bag green vegan made of teak leaf by Mr. Leaf - LEAF FAMILY L
Vegan handbags made of teak leaves
Vegan face mask mouthguard mask teak leaves
Vegan face mask made of teak leaves

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Leaf Family | Designed by Nature

We at LEAF FAMILY love leaves! In our online shop you will find absolutely sustainable accessories, vegan handbags, vegan cosmetic bags and vegan purses in a elegant design, made of stylish teak leaf material as a vegan alternative to genuine leather.

Leaf Family means elegant design produced in a fair and sustainable way

All articles in our online store for vegan accessories and bags are produced sustainably and from renewable raw materials. For LEAF FAMILY products, no rainforest needs to be removed, no tree has to be felled to open new agricultural land or pastureland for cattle. On the contrary: According to the principle of “Fallen leaves become products”, the teak leaves are collected and processed by 2 villages. The villages are paid fairly and receive more money for this work than they could achieve by felling the trees and from the subsequent agriculture. Thus the mixed tree population of these villages is maintained and cared for and no rainforest is destroyed. In addition, the next generation has a kind of “nest egg” in the form of large trees.

Leaf Family: materials used

Our products are primarily made of teak leaves, but the material innovation and development has continued. For example, mulberry tree bark combined with various product “wastes” from the region expand the spectrum of sustainable and vegan leather substitutes.

  • From Teak leaves

The collected leaves are sun-dried several times, dyed with food-safe paint from Japan, sealed with natural rubber and covered with a wafer-thin foil.

  • From tamarind with mulberry tree bark

Here tamarind shells are mixed with fibers of mulberry tree bark and sealed with natural rubber, making them our vegan leather substitute.

  • From coffee with mulberry tree bark

The pods of the coffee beans are also mixed with the fibers of the mulberry tree bark and thus also become the basis of our leather substitute.

  • From garlic with mulberry tree bark

The shells of the garlic cloves can also be mixed wonderfully with fibers of the mulberry tree bark and make another great design for a leather replacement.

Buy sustainable products made of vegan replacement material for leather online at LEAF FAMILY

Can sustainably produced products made from teak leaves be stylish and cool? We at LEAF FAMILY are sure! Nothing rounds off your party look better than a vegan handbag made of black teak leaf in a elegant design. Matching this are wallets and ID covers for the next trip, or a vegan laptop bag for the next business day in the office.

The amazing advantages of teak leaf as an alternative to leather

Teak leaf material has all the positiv aspects of leather, i. e. – durable, unique texture, weatherproof, luxurious appearance, but has none of the negativity. vegan leather is becoming increasingly popular amongst the more discerning customer. And every product has its unique pattern and structures made by mother nature. Thus making the perfect individual gift.

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