About the founding of LEAF FAMILY

We, Elke Zettl and Gerd Jacke, have been travelling in Asia since the beginning of the 90s and since 1995 we import beautiful things from Thailand and Indonesia to sell them at markets and events.

We almost always work with families and micro-enterprises, so that the money remains with the manufacturers without deduction. We do not haggle with you for prices, but ask them to deliver the ordered goods in the quality as their patterns are. Our sales prices in Germany are also moderate, all according to the premise: If all parties involved from the manufacturer to the end user are satisfied, it will be a successful business.

In search of always new and as sustainable and environmentally friendly products as possible, we met Mr. Leaf for the first time in 2012 on the Walking Street in Chiang Mai (North Thailand), where he sold bags and notebooks made of teak leaves. We were thrilled, but couldn’t get into his product world immediately. And as it is, other things pushed themselves more into the present and the whole thing was lost a little bit.

Two years later we met him again and bought some test products. Again, other things were more urgent until we finally made the 1st major order with him in 2017. We were thrilled with the improved quality.

We are pleased to be able to offer you all Of Mr. Leaf products online on Leaf Family.