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Among the listed teak handbags you will find information about the manufacture and texture of our vegan handbags as well as a short explanation of the terms leaf leather and vegan leather. Continue reading…

Vegan Bags – Overview

Sizes:From “S” to “XL”
Colors:Black, Red, Green, Brown, Beige, Light Green
Prices:Min. €49.00 / max. €140.00
Versions:As a handbag, clutch & shoulder bag
Material:Teak leaf

Vegan handbags in size comparison

Handbags vegan in teak leaf

LEAF FAMILY! Stylish, modern and timeless at the same time! Attractive handbags made of vegan teakleaf material as an elegant alternative to genuine leather.

Love life & keep life alive. This guiding principle is particularly evident in our handbags. The vegan handbag skilfully completes your style with high-quality workmanship and with attractive colours.

Due to the special processing of the teak leaves, the material is very reminiscent of genuine leather in its appearance and handle. It is true that a vegan leather handbag is the wrong term, as it is not really leather but a vegan leather alternative. Nevertheless, our Leaf Bags & vegan handbags look very classy and stylish due to the leather-like feel and are a must for any vegan wardrobe!

Overview of our vegan handbags & leaf bags

Vegane Handtasche für Damen69€ - 140€Teakblatt (Veganes Ersatzmaterial für Leder )HandtaschenAlltag & Beruf
Vegane Umhängetasche69€Teakblatt (Veganes Ersatzmaterial für Leder )UmhängetaschenAlltag & Beruf
Vegane Clutch flach49€Teakblatt (Veganes Ersatzmaterial für Leder )ClutchAlltag & Abendgarderobe
Vegane Clutch groß & flach69€Teakblatt (Veganes Ersatzmaterial für Leder )ClutchAlltag & Abendgarderobe
Vegane Clutch geradlinige Lasche89€Teakblatt (Veganes Ersatzmaterial für Leder )ClutchAbendgarderobe
Vegane Clutch mit Spitzlasche89€Teakblatt (Veganes Ersatzmaterial für Leder )ClutchAbendgarderobe

Vegan alternative product to leather

Unlike beef, the production of teak leaves does not require thousands of square metres of feed and pasture. A few leaves of a tree are enough to replace the leather of an entire bark. 

In addition, the teak tree does not produce CO2 during growth, unlike the beef, but even processes it and converts it into oxygen.

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Advantages at a glance:

  • Stylish and classy
  • Matching vegan accessories available in the same colours
  • Each product is unique
  • Much lighter than comparable materials
  • Leaf Bags are extremely sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Vegan handbags don’t demand animal life
  • More CO2 is neutralized than produced
  • No land grazing due to pastures and forage cultivation
  • Job creation in structurally weak areas

So why isn’t it called a vegan leather handbag?

The term “leather” refers purely to animal skin and therefore cannot be applied to vegan leather alternatives. Not even with handbags. Similar to the vegan meat substitute, “vegan meat” should not be called.

The handbag made of vegan leather is therefore a false name. The correct title here is “vegan leather alternative”.

Buy vegan handbags online

In our online shop you will find a large selection of vegan handbags as well as leaf bags for sale. Take advantage of our fast shipping and our versatile payment options. With an order value of more than 150€, we can even deliver your new vegan handbag to your doorstep free of charge. To do this, simply do the following:

  1. Select your desired handbag and place it in the shopping cart
  2. If necessary, choose suitable vegan accessories
  3. Order your vegan handbag conveniently online
  4. You are also welcome to create your own customer account

Order today and secure sustainability to perfection!

We look forward to seeing you!

Materials for Vegan Bags
Banana leaf:soon available here
Pineapple (Piaatex)
Teak leaf:Available here

Frequently asked questions about our handbags

What are vegan handbags made of?

Our vegan handbags are made of teak leaves. These are treated with food colours after harvesting, refined and processed into the items in our shop.

Why should I buy from LEAF FAMILY?

Because in addition to the quality of our bags and the sustainability of our raw materials, we also pay attention to fair production conditions. Convince yourself of our range of vegan bags.

How sustainable is vegan substitute for leather?

Our vegan leather substitute is made from teak leaves. For this, no rainforest has to be converted into pasture for cattle (which in turn produce Co2), which makes our vegan bags particularly climate neutral. Read more on our vegan handbag page

Are there suitable accessories?

Yes. In our range we offer vegan wallets, laptop bags, cosmetic bags and many more for your vegan bag.

Where do you ship to?

Currently we ship our articles within Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Is there free shipping?

Yes, we ship free of charge for a total value of 150€ free of charge.

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