Vegan leather: What’s behind the term?

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What is vegan leather?

The term vegan leather mistakenly refers to materials that are similar in feel and appearance to genuine leather. Both organic and synthetic fabrics are used for the production of the leather alternative.

For example, many vegan leather alternatives are made from teak leaves, cork, pineapple, mushrooms and various plastics.

Vegan leather

Vegan leather is increasingly sought after

In the graphic below (source: Google) you can see the search history in the German-speaking area for the term vegan leather.

Gibt es veganes Leder?

Hier müssen wir Sie leider enttäuschen 🙂 veganes Leder ist genauso wie Blattleder nur ein Modebegriff und de facto falsch.

Zudem werden unter dem Begriff “veganes Leder” auch noch zahlreiche Produkte vertrieben, die ganz und garnicht nachhaltig hergestellt werden.

Jedes Kunststoff-Kunstleder wird gut und gerne als vegan beworben. Zwar ist dort kein echtes Leder verarbeitet, wirklich nachhaltig sind die oft billig produzierten Plastikvarianten dann aber auch nicht.

Immer mehr Kunden suchen nach Produkten aus veganem Leder

Hier verhält es sich ähnlich wie beim Thema mit dem Begriff “Blattleder”. Sieht man sich die eingegebenen Suchbegriffe in Suchmaschinen genauer an, so stellen wir fest, dass auch hier stark nach veganem Leder gefragt wird.

Z. B. kommen immer wieder Besucher über folgende Begriffe auf unsere Webseite:

  • Rucksack veganes Leder
  • veganes Leder Meterware
  • Vegan Leder
  • veganes Leder kaufen

Veganes Leder Taschen

The definition of leather

Genuine leather comes from animal production. The term vegan leather is therefore per se wrong. De Fakto, therefore, there are no bags made of vegan leather.

Using vegan leather as a term for products is misleading the user and unfair

The IT law firm from Munich deals with the topic in a separate article. It states that vegan leather for the promotion of products does not comply with the competition guidelines. The following is a quote from the website

Unfair: “Veganes Leather”
The use of the term ‘vegan leather’ for leather synthetics is therefore also misleading, since the reference to the freedom of animal ingredients by the word ‘vegan’ is not sufficiently capable of removing the impression of a genuine leather product caused by the word ‘leather’. This is because the term “vegan” is mainly used in connection with the human diet and thus largely for the declaration of a particular nutrition or individual food, but not for the identification of the freedom of materials of animal origin in textiles. In this respect, the term ‘vegan leather’ is even capable of implying the use of a special high-quality genuine leather in double misleading references.

Source: IT Law Firm

Alternative to leather

Vegan alternatives to leather are made of a wide variety of materials. In our shop you will find, for example, leather alternatives made of teak leaves.

Buy vegan products from leather alternatives

If your search entry was to buy vegan leather, we may be able to offer you suitable alternatives.

Vegane Portemonnaies aus Teakblättern
Vegane Kosmetiktaschen aus Teakblättern
Handtasche Henkeltasche Grün vegan aus Teakblatt von Mr. Leaf - Leaf Family L
Vegane Taschen aus Teakblättern
Wertgutschein für vegane Produkte
Wertgutschein für vegane Produkte

Production of the vegan alternative to leather

Vegan leather teak leaves

Our vegan products are made from teak leaves and feel like real leather.

Vegan Leather Plantation

Some of the leaves are harvested and partly picked up from the soil.

Vegan Leather Harvest

The harvest is sustainable, so that no monocultures have to be planted.

Vegan Leather Making

The production is carried out by hand under fair conditions. Here we help with the production.

Vegan Leather Manufacturers

Here we are a guest of the family of the manufacturer “Mr. Leaf”