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Vegan wallets: the elegant alternative to leather

Stylish, classy and sublime, the vegan purses don’t just look for your evening wardrobe. Also in everyday life, at university or in the office, you show your intentions for elegant sustainability. Whether as a suitable addition to our vegan handbags or as a unique piece: A wallet made of teak leaves is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher and a chic companion in everyday life.

The advantages of vegan wallets at a glance:

  • No mass animal husbandry necessary
  • Feels like leather
  • Stylish leaf patterning
  • Climate-friendly sustainable production

The production of our vegan wallets

No animal resources are needed to make our vegan wallets. All purses are carefully manufactured and produced by hand. During the manufacturing process, the leaves are dyed with different shades (food colours) to obtain a variety of colour variations.

What is behind the term leaf leather or vegan leather?

Correctly, it should mean that our vegan wallets are made from a vegan and sustainable leather substitute. Popularly, however, words such as leaf leather or vegan leather are well known.

Wallets or purses made of leaf leather or vegan leather are therefore synonymous with a “schnitzel of vegan meat” which does not exist per se.

Our sustainable wallets are made of teak leaves

Although the purse is not made of vegan leather or even leaf leather, our vegan wallets are still made extremely sustainably. The teak leaves, which are used for the leather substitute material, do not require large pastures for which jungle has to be cut down. Also, teak trees do not produce additional CO2 such as cattle, which must be bred for the production of leather.

It is therefore all the more pleasing that sustainability comes into play in the full extent of a purse made of leaves.

Enjoy it!